How to Create Smooth Feng Shui in Your Apartment For the New Year

modern living room with plush carpeting, a large sliding door, and a large parting on the wall

If you’re struggling to spruce up your residential space for the new year, there are innovative décor ideas you can implement to change the atmosphere of every room. Whether you love festive decorations or prefer classic furniture, you can tap into your inner interior designer. Read further to find out how to give your Bella Vista at Hilltop Apartment a stylish makeover.

Decorations That Transition out of 2021 and into 2022

While you anticipate trashing your dated apartment fixtures, consider January 2022 décor because it’s suitable for a festive, lively contrast to your old design and color schemes. Implementing a creative spin on your rental with flashy or modern accents is easy to accomplish using the right accessory pieces. Although it would be wise to avoid decorations that clash, you can still add an edgy theme to various areas.

Brightening Up Your Apartment For the New Year

You don’t have to perform a stressful furnishing or decorating job to convert your Bella Vista at Hilltop apartment. Also, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of money on trendy items. Therefore, inexpensive contemporary decorations, such as glass lights or lamps, can add a modern flair to your bedroom. You can also drape white party lights neatly over your doors.

Regarding apartment furniture, neutral and soft colors are ideal for minimalistic touch. A living chair is perfect for relaxing after heating up in the community sauna. Additionally, a large area rug with geometric shapes and patterns can sit under a tan leather couch or futon.

Bathroom accessories such as a shimmery shower curtain and a shag floor are traditional and classy. However, a sophisticated vanity mirror with light bulbs can brighten dim and dark areas. Also, add a hot pink bath towel or an orange toilet lid cover if you want to mix the theme with a couple of neon colors.

Add Decorative Designs to Your List of New Year Resolutions

Preparing your Bella Vista at Hilltop Apartment for the new year can be productive and exciting. You can stay organized using strategic planning to achieve the interior style you want. If you follow the detailed suggestions, your residential space will be ready to celebrate the beginning of 2022.