Prepping for Fall 2021 Decor in Your Bella Vista at Hilltop Apartments


Halloween scares, homemade squash soup, pumpkin carvings, and football — what else could it be but fall? It’s the season to cozy up under a warm blanket with a pumpkin-spiced latte. It’s also the time to prepare your Bella Vista At Hilltop Apartment for the upcoming season.

Our Favorite Fall ’21 Trends

In terms of color palettes, fall shows off luxurious shades of blue, green, deep red, and burnt orange — on top of the natural, earthy tones which make an appearance every fall. One thing is for sure this season, grey is out!

When it comes to textures, thick chunky knits are trending this year. So are faux fur, velvet, and anything fluffy and cozy in between. The emphasis is on luxury, comfort, relaxation, and escapism for the fall 2021 interior decor trends.

Bringing the outdoors inside is also making big waves this season. Think pinecones and greenery, but it can be as simple as switching to natural through rattan, cane, and wicker.

How To Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

Changes don’t have to be extreme or even expensive. Simply changing up the curtains and throw pillows can transform a room. If, however, you feel like a dramatic change, you could opt for a new sofa. Make it a statement piece — perhaps, a velvet sofa in a lovely autumn shade of blue. Add some earthy tone pillows to finish off the look.

The wonderful thing about autumn is that colors can easily be layered as they compliment each other. Consider an apple-inspired palette with dark aubergine, plum, magenta, rose pink, and green layered over earthy tones. Mix up the textures with the throw blankets and pillows by introducing faux fur, chunky knit, and velvet.

Place a rattan tray on the coffee table and stack some magazines inside. Add a few decorative wicker baskets.

Fall ’21 Apartment Living

The fall color spectrum has something for everyone. However you decide to celebrate your new living space, don’t forget to light a candle to set the autumn mood. Let your imagination go wild. Then let your hair down and visit Fosters Freeze for delicious ice cream.