Decorate Your Bella Vista at Hilltop Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season


The place to be this festive season is inside one of the Bella Vista at Hilltop apartments. With so much to do in and around the area, you are bound to enjoy this festive season. So get ready to decorate your apartment for this holiday season.

Decorations that Transition from Christmas and Into the New Year

Holiday decorations are fun, and many love to transition their Christmas decorations into the New Year, and achieving the perfect look for this does not have to be a hassle. Follow these simple steps to help transition your Christmas decorations into the New Year.

  • Utilize Festive Candles- festive candles are a no-brainer for transitioning into the New Year as they are a very neutral and timeless decoration.
  • Make the Most of Greenery Decorations- greenery decorations must be added when it comes to trending Christmas items that transition well into the New Year. Their look is effortless yet eye-catching, a great decoration to have if you plan on keeping your festive decoration through the New Year.
  • Fairy lights-You can never go wrong with fairy lights. They bring the sparkle to your apartment, and this is a trait relatable to both Christmas and the New Year.

A Checklist for a Winter Wonderland in Your Apartment

Winter wonderland has been the go-to festive season look for many. The look is timeless and changed from the traditional red and green Christmas. To achieve this look, you’ll need a white Christmas tree to start, which will be the centerpiece of your apartment. Next, you’ll need some artificial snow and some beautiful snowflakes. To better fit the icy theme, you’ll need some glass ornaments to represent ice crystals.

Go Beyond Holiday Decorations

Explore the outdoors for some great fun and adventure by visiting the Heritage Park at Hilltop, just a few blocks away. There’s plenty to do. Your festive season at the Bella Vista at Hilltop apartments will be one to remember.