Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Bella Vista at Hilltop Apartments


When you consider living in an apartment, you might think your creativity is limited. On the contrary, at Bella Vista at Hilltop, there isn’t a better place to draw inspiration and blossom. Read what we’ve put together and channel that to make your home summer-ready.

Making Your Home Summer Ready

Research apartment-friendly tips that will help you find easy and quick ways to get you into the summer fun. Go the extra mile and switch up your décor to fit into the summer. Plan a sleepover with your friends and make an evening out of it.

Draw your inspiration from the environment around you and what you like most about summer. For instance, use colors for the summer for vibrant decorations. You can also use decorative pieces like sculptures, photos, and plants to liven up your living space.

Hues to Match Every Mood this Season

Use bold colors and rental-friendly hacks to personalize your rental space and give it a unique touch.

1. Fresh mint and leafy patterns: This light color leans on both neural and bold color schemes. Combine it with leafy wallpapers or backgrounds to accomplish a summery look.

2. Bright pink: If you are feeling bold enough, use this as the dominant color. If not, use it for accents like furniture in a predominantly white room for a fantastic effect.

3. Green-blue: Bring the beauty of the beach and the ocean into your home. Include decorative shells and small palm trees as your decorative pieces.

4. Wooden brown: Use wooden accents all through your house to give a rustic, outdoor vibe.

Redesign your apartment living space by making your space unique and personalized to your style. Make it a place you are happy to return to at the end of a long day.